To build the best, most innovative text to speech software in the world;
To put newer and better text to speech technology in the hands of more people!

Standard Version 5.0

  • Read aloud any text in computer
  • Customize Reader, Speed and Pitch
  • Convert text to MP3
  • PowerReader can read text in other applications
  • Translate between 7 languages
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Standard Version

New Versions, New Functions!

What’s new in version 5.0?
  • New Voices from Ivona
  • New features—Read with background music
  • New features—Recorder
  • New systems—Support 64 bit Win 7/ Vista

New Voices From Ivona

Eric Jennifer Brian Amy

Interactive TTS Demo

Language: Reader:

Welcome to the Ultimate, Simple to Use, Text to Speech Software!

FlameReader is a multi-function Text to Speech software with natural, human-sounding voice. This powerful software reads aloud any text from Word, Emails, web Pages, Power Points, PDF and more; converts any text into audio files to play on portable devices like CD player and Ipod.

FlameReader also provides special version for users fighting against reading and writing due to dyslexia, visual problems or other conditions.

Students, commercial people, language learners, writers and more—from children to seniors, from study to work, find FlameReader is an important and necessary tool in daily life.

Why hesitate? Try it now! You'll find FlameReader's powerful functions are out of your expectation!

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